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An aeromodeler’s home-away-from-home.

This website, comprised of a collection of information about every aspect of aeromodeling, receives more than 300,000 page views each month.


Extended Browsing

Visitors dig into the site, almost four pages per visit.


Coveted Demographic

68.8% are ages 45-74, allowing them to reinvest in hobbies and leisure activities such as aeromodeling.


Repeat Visitors

97.6% of AMA members visit the website. 47.5% visit daily or weekly.


Visitors Are Focused

Over 90% visit from home. They are focused and engaged on the site, not distracted while at work.


Visitors Are True Modelers

Over 50% of visitors have been modeling more than 20 years – they have a commitment to and passion for the hobby.



Small-field flying — big time fun., generating over 11,000 monthly page views, draws niche interest as subscribers to the magazine dive into the extended content available and even download plans.


Niche Content

Align yourself with one of the only industry sites focused on this specific segment of hobbyists.


Branding Opportunity

Park Pilot is geared toward the younger pilot; position yourself early in his or her piloting career.


Engaged Visitors

Synced with AMA’s social media efforts which generate over a 1 million impressions a year.



Stories and media available at are freely available to everyone, meaning organic search extends your reach beyond subscribers.

Even more to love.

Recipients of Model Aviation magazine enjoy extended coverage and supplementary content online, as well as opportunities to discuss aeromodeling-related topics. The online supplement generates more than 50,000 page views each month.

Dedicated Attention visitors are more likely to access the site with a desktop computer, free of the distractions present in a mobile environment.

Cross Promotion

Each issue of Model Aviation magazine directs people to when additional content is available such as extra photos, bonus videos, or additional editorial.


Discoverable Content

Stories and media available at are freely available to everyone, meaning organic search extends your reach beyond AMA members.


Coveted Demographic

More than 50% are from the coveted 25-54 age demographic.

Welcome to the world of aeromodeling — or welcome back. offers pilots and professional educators learning resources. It’s aimed at helping to teach aeronautics to help visitors become better pilots, students, and educators. It currently racks up 14,000 monthly page views.


Create Lifelong Customers

Visitors to are interested in taking the next step in their hobby. They’re forming relationships with the products and companies they’ll use for a lifetime.


New Viewers

75% of monthly visitors are new to the site seeing products and services for the first time.


In-Demand & Discoverable

Hobbyists looking for reliable information from reputable people are finding it here. Content is available free to both AMA members and non-members, and so is your message.


Aggressive Promotion

As a cornerstone of AMA’s educational efforts, this website is promoted almost anywhere AMA discusses education. AMA education =


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Put your brand on all 4 websites, and all 4 e-newsletters each month! Combined, our digital products generate nearly 1 million impressions each month driven by potential buyers.  

Website + E-newsletter Package Rates 



1x: $755
3x: $700 ea.
6x: $630 ea.
12x: $520 ea.

Comprehensive AMA Website Package 

Build your brand awareness on all four of AMA’s websites! Combined, these sites generate more than 400,000 impressions each month. 

Website Package Rates: 



1x: $420
3x: $390 ea.
6x: $350 ea.
12x: $290 ea.

Digital Ad Submission

Website and e-newsletter ads are due by the 20th of the month prior to your run date.  Ads for the website and e-newsletter are 450 x 110 pixels.  Supported creative formats include JPEG, PNG or GIF.  Static ads are suggested for e-newsletters due to animations not rendering properly in all web browsers.  Advertisers may submit up to three different pieces of creative for each of the 4 AMA websites.  Email digital ad files and URL to Stephanie Frank at

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