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of subscribed respondents said they access our newsletters

of subscribed respondents said they access our newsletters

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Place your message alongside AMA’s engaging e-newsletters and stay top of mind with model aircraft enthusiasts across the country. AMA’s most engaged members rely on AMA for industry news, updates and other valuable information related to their favorite hobby. Get the attention of your target audience today through AMA e-newsletter advertising.


AMA Today


Open rate:32%

Published twice a month, AMA Today keeps AMA’s members informed of the latest news from the organization and the aeromodeling industry.

AMA Flightline


Open rate:15%

AMA Flightline helps the next generation of pilots explore the science and joy of aeromodeling. Published monthly, it incorporates interactive articles and features designed to spark interest in aviation, math, and science.

Media Minute


Open rate:28%

Media Minute is automatically delivered to AMA members twice a month as part of their membership benefits, and is also available to nonmember subscribers.

Rotor Report


Open rate:28%

Published twice a month, Rotor Report puts multirotor and helicopter content directly in front of enthusiasts. A targeted communication, Rotor Report is delivered to AMA members who have specifically indicated an interest in multirotor platforms or helicopters, and is available to nonmember subscribers as well.


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E-newsletter Package 

Receive visibility in all 4 AMA e-newsletters each month! Combined, our e-newsletters generate more than 500,000 impressions each month and are pushed directly to the inboxes of AMA's most engaged members.



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Digital Ad Submission

Website and e-newsletter ads are due by the 20th of the month prior to your run date.  Ads for the website and e-newsletter are 450 x 110 pixels.  Supported creative formats include JPEG, PNG or GIF.  Static ads are suggested for e-newsletters due to animations not rendering properly in all web browsers.  Advertisers may submit up to three different pieces of creative for each of the 4 AMA websites.  Email digital ad files and URL to Stephanie Frank at

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